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The city of Milan has a very special spot into the Spacedelicious galaxy. It is TNT’s base and the place where the idea of Spacedelicious started but also the birthplace of a deliciously, artisanal dessert: the Panettone. Part of the Milanese tradition, the iconic Panettone is a sweat bread loaf that comes in a cupola shape with a cylindrical base. It is also wrapped in isothermal paper. And it tastes so amazing! 


- Ingredients: Water, Flour, Sugar, Fresh eggs, Milk, Cocoa butter, Butter, Raisins, Candied fruits (orange and citron zest), Organic baking powder, Salt. 

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- Artisanal product

- Perfect alongside with mascarpone cream cheese or zabaione 

- THE Milanese dessert 

- Essence of Spacedelicious